Lost while hunting antiques

What to Do if You’re Lost While Hunting

One minute you are happily walking along, observing the natural beauty around you. Then suddenly it hits you. Tranquility quickly makes way for blind panic, then fear. You’re lost!

This sudden reaction to being alone and not sure where you  are something that every one of us has felt at some stage as a child.

You’re in your own world, playing away with your favorite toy. Your parent is busy, gets distracted for a second, and suddenly they seem to disappear off the face of the earth. Suddenly it dawns on your little self that you don’t know where you are. Your bottom lip starts quivering, followed by a big wail and then the waterworks.

Sounds funny now but as mentioned, adults display frighteningly similar behavior when lost. And that is why you need to pay attention. There’s no place worse than getting lost in the woods (ok maybe a desert, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish), and if you revert to a child-like state in this scenario, things can become life-threatening. But it really doesn’t need to get to that stage.


Your knife is your friend

I am assuming you are going to be lost in the wilderness, as in, NOT lost in your back garden. If you are the type of person that gets lost in their own back garden, then I don’t know what advice to give, and I certainly wouldn’t advise people to pack a knife just in case whenever they head out to trim the garden bushes.

No, this advice is generally aimed at the budding hikers? Amongst you. And everyone who has a vague interest in such a hobby should know the value of a knife. First of all, make sure the knife is sharp (I use a Premium Electric Knife Sharpener which I picked up at arrowheadshop.com), because a blunt knife is about as good as no knife at all. If you are lost and you have a knife, its mere sight should send a soothing wave of comfort over you to ward off any emotions of panic and fear.

A good knife can be used as a building tool, something to prepare and eat food or something that allows you to defend yourself.

A compass is a friend too

Yes, it really is that simple. Use your compass (because you packed one with a knife didn’t you?) and point yourself back in the direction you think you came. If this is the wrong direction, use the inverse of the direction you came to land back at your starting point. Head in another direction, and repeat until you find your way home.

It’s really that simple. If you have a knife and a compass, there’s no reason to worry. Train your brain to know that you are packing these two items, and panic should be averted. No matter where you are mountains or wide open spaces, you should be prepared for whatever happens.